Make your home a SAFER HOME

Suicide is not inevitable – It Can Be Prevented

In Washington, about 75% of gun deaths are suicides.

Medication overdoses are the most frequent type of suicide attempt.

Firearms and medications can be misused in times of crisis. Proactive safety practices can save lives.

Know the facts.

You can do this! More than 90% of people who survive a suicidal crisis liveand recover

Survive the dark moments: Crises are time limited

The “means” matter: Firearms can turn a crisis deadly

Most don’t switch: Substituting methods is rare

Our program shares information with the public on the role of firearms and medications in suicide. We have a special focus on men in the middle years, ages 35-64, on our veterans, and on others who have experience with firearms.

Here’s what a Safer Homes conversation looks like

Robin Ball from the Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Spokane, WA, models a Safer Homes conversation between a firearms retailer and a customer, about the importance of securing firearms.

Customized Training

Safer Homes, Suicide Aware offers trainings for individuals with varied connections to the issue of suicide prevention.
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