Privacy Statement

We use the data we collect for research purposes in order to measure the efficacy of our program.  We are required by law to report to the state legislature the status of our program, to include the statistical data about what we’ve done to date as per RCW 43.70.445 (4).  The taxpayers deserve to know how many lockboxes we’ve distributed, how much money we’ve spent, how many events we’ve done, etc.  With our re-assessment, we intend to see how behaviors have changed over time following a Safer Homes event.

  • We will not deny training and equipment to someone who opts not to be contacted again or chooses not to list his or her contact information on our waiver; participation in the re-assessment is voluntary but highly-encouraged
  • A completed liability release is required for Safer Homes to distribute any and all equipment
  • A copy of this notice and liability release can be provided to you upon request to

We take the confidentiality of your personal information seriously.  Personally identifiable information—PII—is strictly confidential.  Forefront Suicide Prevention will never voluntarily or knowingly share, sell, or disclose your contact information to any commercial interest, marketing agency, or political group.

  • Forefront Suicide Prevention stores waivers, survey forms, and re-assessments in locked filing cabinets & only Forefront Suicide Prevention staff have access to these locked filing cabinets
  • The waiver that includes your contact information is stored in a separate, locked filing cabinet from your survey & re-assessment forms
  • When and if practical, the hard-copy waivers, surveys, and re-assessment forms will be digitally scanned and saved onto University of Washington computers and servers; the hard copies will then be confidentially destroyed
  • Only University of Washington & Forefront staff and faculty will have access to the digital copies of your information, and the servers and computers are protected against outside access
  • Forefront Suicide Prevention and/or the University of Washington will only disclose your survey information to law enforcement officers, officials, agencies, or other representatives of government if required in compliance with requirements of a lawful search warrant
  • Under no circumstances will your personal information be disclosed to officials, agents, or other representatives of any foreign government