Equipping professionals, families, colleagues, and community members with suicide prevention training helps to connect suicidal individuals with the support they need. We offer both tailored trainings for at-risk populations and those who work with those at risk of suicide, as well as more general trainings for the broader community.

Firearms Retailers & Instructors

Firearms safety includes suicide prevention. Learn how to take action by advising all customers about secure storage and noticing if a new buyer might be considering a gun for suicide.

Pharmacy Professionals

Learn how to use your unique role as a pharmacy professional to promote safety from medication overdoses.

Health Care & Behavioral Health Providers

Improve cultural competence when discussing firearms safety with patients at risk of suicide. Learn how to provide culturally informed lethal means counseling with at-risk patients who own and use firearms.

Veterans and Active Service Members

Veterans face unique challenges, including the transition from military to civilian life. These can impact their family members, friends and and colleagues. Learn about these specific challenges in the context of suicide prevention.