Make your home a Safer Home

Protect against suicide by routinely securing firearms & medications, against unauthorized access and unsafe use.

Have a plan for everyday, as well as for times of increased risk.

Take Responsibility

Follow secure storage practices for medications and firearms

Medication Safe Storage

  1. Lock up medications, except one-week supply
  2. Limit access to one-day dose during mental-health crisis
  3. Return unused meds to a drop-box, find a nearby one here: Return Unused Meds.

Basic Rules of Firearm Storage

  1. Secure all firearms with a safe or locking device
  2. Do not allow unauthorized access for children or youth
  3. Home protection firearm? Choose a locking device with fast access only for you

How To Help If You Are Concerned

  1. SAFES: Give a trusted individual the keys & combinations
  2. TRANSFER: Ask a friend or relative to take firearms in an emergency temporary transfer (this is legal in Washington state)
  3. CALL: the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline