Safe Storage Saves Lives

Learn How to Talk to Customers About Safely Storing their Firearms

Because easy access to unsecured guns puts lives at risk.

Most firearms deaths in the US are suicides.

But most people who purchase a gun don’t think about suicide. When they think about safety and security, they’re thinking about protecting themselves and their loved ones from outside harm.

But easy access to a firearm increases the risk of dying by suicide or by accident (especially for kids).

Safe storage practices save lives because they prevent unauthorized people from accessing guns when they’re in crisis. Lock boxes, safes and locking devices become an effective barrier that prevent someone in crisis from accessing their firearms or medications. Time and distance from the planned method of suicide can be just enough of an obstacle that the person in crisis stops to rethink their plans.

We know it isn’t always easy to talk about suicide. Especially when working with customers. So we’ve developed best practices–as well as a certification program for firearms retailers and ranges–to help you help your customers make smart, safe choices for themselves and their families when they’re purchasing a gun.

Suicide Prevention Best Practices

These best practices and standard operating procedures have been developed in conjunction with firearms industry suicide prevention leaders. Organizations that implement these practices have a higher standard of safety and suicide prevention.

Download Safer Homes FFL Best Practices and SOPs


Our SAFER and TeleSAFER programs educate firearms owners about how safe storage practices can save lives. <link to SAFER page>

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Suicide Prevention Certification Program Materials

Program Overview

Download a PDF of this document here.

Invitation to Join Prevention Program

On behalf of the Safer Homes Task Force, Alan Gottlieb (Founder, Second Amendment Foundation and Co-Founder, Safer Homes Task Force) and Robin Ball (Owner, Retired, Sharp Shooting Indoor Range & Gun Shop and Member, Safer Homes Task Force) invite firearms industry leaders and their organizations to join the Suicide Prevention Certification Program.

Download the Certification Program Invitation