Suicide Awareness for
Firearm Owners & Education Resources

SAFER is a brief survey & conversation about suicide prevention.

Participants receive free firearms and medication lockboxes.

We get it.

You own firearms because you care about safety and security for yourself and your family. You’re trained in firearms usage and safety. You know and follow the rules of safe marksmanship.

Like you, we value safety, protection and responsibility.

What you might not know is this: Suicide is the number one cause of fatal firearms injuries, and having ready access to a fireram increases suicide risk.

Time and Distance

In times of crisis, locking up firearms or storing them outside the home puts critical time and distance between someone in a suicidal crisis and a gun.

Listen to how this worked for a Marine veteran.

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Talk to us in person! We give away lockboxes, safes and locking devices at events around the state.

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