Celebrating Our Partnerships This Year

As we reflect on 2023, Safer Homes would like to highlight some of our amazing partnerships, from both this year and previous years.

  • Safe & Vault store for their tremendous ongoing support.
  • Alan Gottlieb and the Second Amendment Foundation, without whom Safer Homes wouldn’t have gotten off the ground in the first place.
  • Joe Bartozzi and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, whose leadership on suicide prevention is so consistent and invaluable.
  • Securité Gun Club for hosting us so regularly.
  • Jenny Arnold and Boris Zhang with the Washington State Pharmacy Association for their invaluable support and subject matter expertise.
  • Gala True from the Louisiana VA for her collaboration, encouragement, and work as a fellow traveler whose efforts got Louisiana across the finish line for a retailer liability shield shortly after we did in Washington.
  • Emmy Betz, Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Anschutz, CO, whose work inspires us, and whose commitment to collaborative work is instrumental in the national efforts around lethal means safety.
  • Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro for allowing us to brief the senior leaders of the Naval Service on comprehensive suicide prevention and lethal means safety, which substantially accelerated our work with the armed forces.
  • Jessica Gallus, previously with the Dept. of the Navy and now with the U.S. Space Force, for her nonstop support in reaching military audiences.