Safer Homes at the Moses Lake Gun Show

March 2 – 3, 2019:
Representatives from “Safer Homes, Suicide Aware” will be at the Northwest Gun Show informing guests how to make their home safer and prevent a suicide long before a crisis occurs.

Sat. 9am – 5pm, Grant County Fairgrounds

Sun. 9am – 3pm, Grant County Fairgrounds

Tickets: $6.00 (children under 12 get free admission)

Medication locking devices as well as firearm locking devices will be distributed for free.

“Safer Homes” signifies a home in which lethal means are unavailable to a suicidal individual. “Suicide Aware” signifies the universal need to educate people about suicide prevention and action steps everyone can take today.

Putting a practical barrier between a suicidal person and the means they plan to use to end their life can interrupt their path to suicide.